YRP R&D Promotion Committee

- Aiming to contribute to the development of information and communication technology -


Planning and promoting various R&D projects

in Yokosuka Research Park


  1. 17/01/2023

    Joint Implementation of “Application Verification Work of Application concerning Automatic Driving Cart in Local 5G Wide Area”

  2. 15/01/2023

    Joint meeting of WPT-WG (58th) and WPT Standard Development Subcommittee (52nd)

  3. 20/12/2022

    Japan OTIC Opening Ceremony and Preview

  4. 01/12/2022

    Report on the 25th International Symposium on Wireless Personal Multimedia Communications (WPMC2022)

  5. 30/11/2022

    The 19th CJK WPT WG Meeting

  6. 29/11/2022

    Christmas Concert in YRP

  7. 10/11/2022

    EdgeTech2022 and our sponsorship

  8. 07/10/2022

    Special opening of “Radio History Exhibition Room” in YRP Center No. 1 Bldg.