Please feel free to contact us for consultation or usage application.
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Q What is the required period from application to start of use?

A  Although it is 2 weeks in principle, it may be available immediately depending on the situation.

Q  What is included in the testbed usage?

A  Lending sensor devices, communicating with base stations, and accessing the cloud.

Q  I would like a lecture on how to use the sensor device.

A Lectures are also used to check the operation when renting. We can guide you how to use and access to the cloud, but device development programming and data processing are out of scope.

Q  I think there is a provider depending on the communication method. Where can I get inquiries about how to use it?

A  If you have any questions, please contact us. However, it may take some time for us to contact the provider.

Q  Do you handle devices other than those listed on the YRP website?

A  The device list on the website is all.

Q  How do you get the data?

A  You can use each provider’s cloud environment with the account distributed from YRP.

Q  How to get a cloud account?

A  Issued by us, we will give you an account, password, URL, etc. when renting a sensor device.

Q  Is the data graphed on the cloud?

A No, it’s Law data.

Q  Is it possible to check the cloud screen where sensor data is accumulated before starting use?

A  Only the test bed usage period.
※ Anyone can use sakuraio’s cloud.

Q  How long can I access the cloud after the usage period ends?

A  After the period, you can access for several weeks.