The following environment and equipment will be rented out to users of this testbed for a fee. The lists below are usage fee when used for 1 month per one time. Any other necessary environment and devices are welcomed by users.

(1)Base station environment

Sigfox、ELTRES、LoRaWAN、LoRa、Wi-SUN、ZETA are in operation.

(2)Cloud environment

We provide cloud use ID environments for LPWA experiments.

◆ Initial cost (with tax)◆
Method Item Fee
All of methods Cloud environment and account registration fee ¥ 1,100
◆ Cloud usage fee (with tax)◆
Method Item Fee
All of methods Cloud environment and account usage fee ¥ 550

(3)Device environment

■ Simple start type ■
There is no need to develop a special sensor connection, as standard sensors such as temperature are built-in. Ideal for users who want to quickly perform LPWA communication experiments

Method Image Specification Fee (with tax)
Sigfox sigfox-1 Sens’it
This kit can be used immediately without the need to develop a sensor device. Equipped with temperature, humidity, acceleration, magnetism, illumination, and vibration detection sensors. A GUI page for browsing various data is provided as standard.
【accessories】USB cable for charging, magnet for magnetic force sensor
A GPS tracker with three features: long-distance stable communication, high-speed mobile communication, and low power consumption.
【accessories】AA battery(2)
Arduino based LoRaWAN terminal.
【accessories】Temperature sensor, USB cable
Wi-SUN Wi-SUN FAN evaluation environment
Evaluation environment of multi-hop environment by Wi-SUN FAN. With the sensor simulation function, connection can be checked immediately without any sensor using pseudo data.

■ Development environment type ■
This environment includes a certain development environment, such as connecting a sensor brought in and communicating with LPWA.

Method Image Specification Fee (with tax)
Sigfox Arduino + Sigfox communidation shield
It can be developed based on Arduino.
Temperature, humidity, barometic pressure and acceleration sensors are installed as standard. In addition, certain development is required, but it is also possible to verify the sensor to be connected.
【accessories】communication shield, Arduino UNO、USB cable, 9V battery, battery snap, bread board
Wi-SUN wisun-2b Armadillo-640 + Wi-SUN module
It is an environment that can be developed on ARM + Linus equipped with a Wi-SUN FAN module on Armadillo-640, an IoT gateway that supports various IoT I/Fs.
– Muti-channel comunication is possible with Ultra Narrow Band(UNB).
– Wide area distributed access by Mesh network.
–  Enables low-power communication in both directions.

■ For Joint experiment ■
The following can be used free of charge for joint experiments and other purposes. If you would like to use them, please contact us.

Method Image Specification
LPWA testing machine

It is possible to easily check the LPWA communication status and electric field strength on the actual map screen, by measuring the availability of LPWA communication with the base station while moving the device equipped with GPS.
【accessories】Battery for device
LoRa NerveNet IoT (LoRa installed type)
It is equipped with a flooding protocol using private LoRa, and it is possible to share, collect, and distribute information by multi-hop, by combining sensor storage node and relay node. It can be developed on the basis of Raspberry Pi and provides a database or Web socket API as an information transmission/reception interface by LoRa, and can realize an application that transmits and receives sensor data without being aware of the multi-hop communication part by LoRa.