1. Service provider: YRP R&D Promotion Committee
  2. Service contents: This is a telecommunications service that allows users to use the Yokosuka Hybrid LPWA Testbed, which allows simultaneous use of multiple types of LPWA.
  3. Outline of equipment: The Yokosuka Hybrid LPWA testbed consists of a testbed environment, rental equipment and measuring instruments, and the testbed environment consists of a cloud environment and a base station environment. Currently, the testbed environment is compatible with the LPWA methods of Sigfox, LoRa, Wi-SUN, ELTRES, LoRaWAN, and ZETA.
  4. Purpose of use: Due to the function of the equipment, it will be limited to research abd development, demonstration experiments, and other purposes approved by our company.
  5. Connecting user equipment: The above LPWA devices can be connected to our base station environment.

Construct multi-method communication demonstration environment in the same environment

The Yokosuka Hybrid LPWA Test Bed allows you to perform communication experiments using LPWA multiple systems in exactly the same environment such as urban areas and undulating areas. By utilizing the characteristics of each method, you can verify the use of various IoT systems for wireless sensor networks.

Overview of testbed environment

The “Yokosuka Hybrid LPWA Testbed” environment consists of a cloud environment, base station environment, handset device environment, measurement environment and tool environment.