Joint Meeting of WPT-WG (58th) and WPT Standard Development Subcommittee (52nd) was held.

Date: Nov. 11st (Wed.), 2023
Venue: Tokyo *Held online

Main Agenda

Status of International Cooperation and International Standardization Activities.
– Report on ITU-R WP1A and SG1 meetings. (Jun – July, 2022)
– Report of AWG-29 and AWG-30 Meetings.
– APG Reports.
– Report of the 19th CJK WPT-WG Meeting.

Status of Institutionalization in Japan.
– Institutionalization ofMi crowave Spatial Transmission WPT (Step 1 and Step 2).
– Status of Proximity Coupled WPT Work Groups.

Report of SWG for EMC compliance.
Report of implantable Medical Devices SWG.
Activity report of each TG of the Standard Development Subcommittee.